Sunday, February 4, 2007

Go Bears!

Unless you live under a rock, you probably know that the Bears have made it to the Super Bowl. Of course, we're watching the game and quietly hoping the Bears win. But first, I have a confession.

We're a Cubs family. Baseball is our first love. Personally, I don't understand football. I get that there are 4 downs and then possession changes (I think that's right) but any more than that and I'm lost. I'd honestly rather watch a curling match before settling down to watch football (when are the next winter Olympics?). But this football season, we've been hearing so much about how good the Bears are doing, how iffy Rex Grossman is as quarterback. We couldn't help but start to pay attention to how the team is doing.

It started as waiting for the team to implode. I know, that's not nice. But we're Cubs fans. That's what we're used to seeing. Truth be told, that's what all Chicago sports teams do, Bulls dynasty not included. I guess we were just waiting for the car wreck to happen.

But it never did. There were a few moments when we thought it would, but nope. Nothing doing. And here we are, at the Super Bowl. Arron and I are watching and now actually rooting for them to win. They've earned it.

Go Bears!!

Cold Update:

Anna's doing great. She has her moments of snottiness, but overall I think it's safe to say she's better. I got much worse and ended up with my usual sinus infection. Sadly, most of Chicagoland is also sick, so my doctor was booked solid for a week. I had to see Dr. Newbie twice because she wouldn't give me meds the first time I went to see her ("I just wanted to see how much you would tolerate." grrr...). But now I'm on the mend. Arron's trying not to get sick and so far so good.

It's colder than snot outside. I believe it's currently 0* out there with a wind chill of -30*. We've been snuggled in the house all weekend and I'm already planning Anna's layers for going to the sitter's tomorrow morning. One layer will most certainly be her Pooh Bear snowsuit.

This morning, Anna had her best hairdo to date. :)

Earlier this week, she looked a bit like a gansta:

But I attribute that more to her cold than to the company that she's keeping at the sitter's... ;)


  1. Hi Karla, I've finally caught up on Anna's blog. Thanks! Can't believe she's almost 4 months old! I love the photo of her in the snow suit - also all the photos of Ollie trying to relive his kitten/baby days! HA!

  2. Hey Karla - I signed in as anonymous because it seemed the quickest and easiest to do. :)

    Love the anonymous ant