Monday, September 8, 2008

Gudorf Campbell Dr

This past weekend was my class reunion. It was held over the annual Fall Festival weekend in town, so not only did we see plenty of people from my class, but there were all sorts of people from other classes and lots of friends from town hanging out in the beer garden. It was great.

A little back info - there's an auction that the high school holds every year as a fund raiser and one of the big things that is auctioned is the naming rights of the quad. My class rallied together and purchased the name and decided to name it for two classmates that have passed away since graduation. So, in honor of Victor Gudorf and Mike Campbell, the quad is known as Gudorf Campbell Dr for this school year. We were excited to see the sign in place.

From left to right: Sam, John Schmid, Lorrie, Brad, Craig Renno, Beth, Lloyd and me
So here's some pictures from the weekend. Yes, I took pictures of the library - I had to for my pop. Also, I tried to hide my pregnant belly behind as many classmates as possible. For more, you can go here, here, here and here.

The stack room in the library. This seemed so much longer when I had to inventory it in the summers
Dad's old office
In front of the oak tree that we planted and named Roy-oak. L-R John, Lloyd, Beth, Brad, Lorrie, me, Sam and Craig The mailboxes
The Historical Society Museum. I didn't peek in the windows to see if there was anything in there any more

After lunch. Front: Me, Lloyd and Lorrie Back: Sam, John Reinke, Galen, Bart, Beth, Brad, Sharon, Gina and John
Sadly, the swimming pool's been filled with concrete
The kitchen area in the student unionAnd a movie compliments of Lauren: