Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Happy Birthday Lilly!

We recently went to Chicago to celebrate Lilly's first birthday. You might remember that Lilly was due to be born 10 days before Anna, but she couldn't wait to see her parents so she came 10 1/2 weeks early.

She went from this:
Nearly 8 weeks old - still so tiny

To this, in one quick year!
Now a big girl!

Anna had fun playing with toys that were new to her.
Chomp Chomp Chomp

And when we headed back to the car, she enjoyed a leisurely stroller ride.
Ahh, this is the life!

Monday, July 23, 2007

The best thing about Springfield

I can't believe I forgot about this! We found the most exciting thing in Springfield, IL when we were there...

I don't believe my eyes!!

Cheap parking! Maximum price was $6.50 - parking in Chicago doesn't even start at that rate!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Paducah, KY

We're currently in Paducah, where I'm attending a training class at CSI, our banking host provider. It's good stuff - today we talked about bank control records, balancing reports, Centerview reports, and service charge routines. I'm looking forward to the next couple of days when we delve into sweep accounts and multiple cash management accounts - but I digress.

Our trip started with a jaunt to Springfield, IL and some time at Lincoln's tomb; then it was off to the new Lincoln museum and a peek into the Lincoln library. They were beautiful!

One corner of Lincoln's tomb

A view from the front

Rubbing Lincoln's nose for good luck

The inside was filled with statues of Lincoln and copies of some of his speeches

Who's buried in Lincoln's tomb?  Where's Geraldo Riveria when you need him?

The receiving vault where Lincoln stayed when they were building the current tomb

The little tombstone you see on the hill is where Lincoln was first buried

Then we went to the Lincoln Museum where they had replicas of Lincoln's boyhood home and his presidential home (the White House). They also had some pretty realistic looking wax statues - I thought I saw one breathing!

Lincoln's cramped little cabin

Hail to the Chief, he's the chief and he needs hailing

Gee, Lincoln's taller than me!

John Wilks Booth hanging out - he was probably waiting to go see a good play

Tonight we went to Metropolis, IL, home of Superman! Not only do they have a giant statue of the man of steel, but they have a Super Store and Super Museum. And, their newspaper is the Daily Planet, of course.

The base is Superman's insignia!

Excuse me!  We're trying to change clothes here!

Anna's dream is finally realized - to be Super Girl!

Why Anna!  Have you been working out?

Because I didn't have a quarter to use for scale...

On the way back to Paducah, we drove across a scary steel bridge. Since it was quite a way out of Metropolis, I don't think it was blue for Superman.

Whoa!  It feels like we're being pulled to the right!  Now it feels like we're being pulled to the left!  Slow down!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy Birthday America!!

Sights from the Fourth of July Parade, compliments of Crown Town...

Our corner:

People roped off sections the night before

The parade had it's usual line up of firetrucks and ambulances, all with their sirens blaring, then came the color guard and politicians. Everyone was tossing out candy. Kids brought their own bags to collect goodies.

As far down the road as you could see, emergency vehicles were lined up

What's all this noise about?

Is there no end?  Seriously, there must have been 40 vehicles

Lt Dangle times 2!

Everybody stand, here's the color guard

We found Amanda in the crowd

After all that, it was time for the businesses and bagpipes. Wait, bagpipes? I guess no parade is complete without them.

Spiderman even came out for the parade!

Lake County Sheriff's department, ready to fight crime on area golf courses

The guys from CHiPs?

I guess Shriners don't have their mini motorcycles anymore

The crew from the bank

Go Centier!

The Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksman?  Arron wants you to know they each had a knife in their right sock

Showing off the teeth

Alright, let's go home - it's past my nap time!

Now we wait for the fireworks tonight!