Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Most of the gear that we're using for Zeke came compliments of his big sister. For the most part, Anna's fine with what Zeke is doing and where he's doing it. But there are times when she really wants to take over - or at least be included.

What is Anna in?
I think she's reliving her youth.

Zeke hanging out on his activity mat.

Anna likes to hang out in there too!

Bitty Tongue

Zeke has discovered his tongue, so most of his waking hours are spent sticking it out at people (mainly me). Let's hope he gets this out of his system by the time he starts school, otherwise he'll be getting into trouble a lot!

See his little tongue?

Just in case you missed it before
In other news, somewhere in the bowels of our washing machine is a pair of socks, exactly like what you see below. Zeke only wears this pair when you can't see his ankles.

I usually put socks in a sweater bag, but was lazy one day.  Never again

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Zeke enjoys his time in his swing - thank goodness for rechargeable batteries!


and forth

and forth
What's with that big smile?
Ah, Anna helped push.  He likes that best


Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Bomber Hat

Last winter we got Anna a new hat for this season. She wasn't too happy when we pulled it out the first time to wear it, but after that first night, she's been pretty excited about wearing it. She puts in on herself - considering that it's a bomber style, sometimes the ear flaps are in interesting positions.

No, she hasn't solved the Rubik's cube yet

Momma momma momma

Maybe she likes it a little to much...


Monday, February 2, 2009

Zeke - Two Months

Smiley Zeke
It's been two months and we still haven't lost him. That's good because he's really smiling a lot now. Whoever found him would probably want to keep him for themselves - especially now that he's developing dimples in his cheeks.