Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bitty Tongue

Zeke has discovered his tongue, so most of his waking hours are spent sticking it out at people (mainly me). Let's hope he gets this out of his system by the time he starts school, otherwise he'll be getting into trouble a lot!

See his little tongue?

Just in case you missed it before
In other news, somewhere in the bowels of our washing machine is a pair of socks, exactly like what you see below. Zeke only wears this pair when you can't see his ankles.

I usually put socks in a sweater bag, but was lazy one day.  Never again


  1. Susana's teacher told her that static electricity is to blame for losing socks in the dryer. Sounds plausible. Do you think it's so long before we use whatever it's stuck to that we don't even realize we found what we lost? (Is that intelligible at all?)

  2. We had someone come out to work on our washer once - I think a belt had broken. Anyway, Arron was talking to the repair guy and he said he found baby socks all the time inside of washing machines. He said they just slosh up and slip over the top of the tub. For adult-sized socks, I believe the static theory...