Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Lisa's Visit

Lisa is a good friend of ours. She works with me at the bank, in our 2.5 person security department (no, she's not the .5 person). Not only is she friends with us, but because she has more sisters than she knows what to do with (she has 5 of them), she lets me feel like her sisters are my sisters because my real sisters all live so far away.

Aunt Lisa was going to come visit Anna a few weeks ago, but then the 3 of us came down with that cold. As a result, the visit had to be postponed.

Last weekend, schedules cleared up and Lisa came over to see Anna (and the rest of us in the house - cats included). Not only did she have a good time seeing Anna, but she throughly enjoyed her hotdog from Zel's.

Here is Lisa and Anna.

Here they are again.

And one more for the road...

We're already looking forward to her next visit! :)

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