Sunday, February 25, 2007

Anna's Instant Friend

Last weekend we decided a trip to Chicago to see Sarah, Eric and Lilly was long overdue. Here's a little history, Reader's Digest version - Sarah and Eric lived in Chicago for a little while, spent a couple of years in Indiana and have since gone back to Chicago (they're smart people). It was during their stint in Indiana that Sarah and I met; while the circumstances of our meeting were far from than ideal, I'm grateful beyond words for her friendship and support.

Way back when, Sarah gave me a call and told me she was pregnant! I told her that I was about to call her and tell her the same thing about me. And so began our journey. Her baby, Lilly, was due October 11; Anna was due October 21.

As with any two pregnancies, things were different for us but we got through them together. At the end of July, Lilly decided she was tired of waiting to meet her parents and Sarah went into labor at 29 1/2 weeks. Lilly spend 6 weeks and 6 days in the NICU and came home in mid-September. A week later, Anna and Lilly got their picture taken together for the first time.

Sarah and Eric came to see Anna the day after she was born - Lilly stayed home with her great gramma that day. But the following weekend they all made the trip to Indiana.

They stopped back in November, as they were making the trip to Michigan for Thanksgiving. Since then, Sarah and I have talked a lot on the phone, but we hadn't seen each other. So, yes, the visit was long overdue. Once we got around to taking pictures, both girls were getting tired.

Here's happy Lilly.

And here's grumpy Lilly.

Anna was content nibbling on her hands.

Titan, Sarah and Eric's dog, kept a watchful eye on everything that was happening.

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