Sunday, February 25, 2007

Jump Around

This post might best be read while listening to this song :) (Right mouse click and open link in a new window or tab.)

While in Chicago, Anna got to try out Lilly's Jumperoo. She had so much fun, we immediately decided that Anna needed one of her own.

Normally, a Jumperoo lookes like this:

But with Anna in it, it looks like this!

Sadly, it was getting late by the time it was put together, so Anna was worn out pretty quickly.

But just so you know how much she likes her Jumperoo...


  1. Holy cats! She's gotten bigger! Still very cute!

    I guess I haven't been here in a while. I linked here from my page so I could stop by more often. :)

  2. Agreed! Very cute. She looks a little shocked from all the visual choices around her, but I'm sure she'll master them in no time!

    - Lauren