Thursday, March 15, 2007

Trip to Ikea

Last weekend we ventured to Schaumburg to let Anna enjoy the beauty that is Ikea. There's really nothing better than oddly named Swedish products and a store with escalators for shopping carts. At Ikea you get both! We ended up getting Korall Fisk (2 of them), a noje, and Arron found an Elefant that Anna got all excited about, so we just had to get it.

Of course, we can't go to Ikea without John and Cheri and their kiddos. We met them at the store and made our usual loop. It was a fun day. Here's Euan and Bella (aka John Jr and Cheri-ette).


  1. Karla,

    you know how I can't stand the fact that all my friends live in spitting distance of IKEA. While this type of story delights me, it also makes me weep.


  2. I'm sorry to make you sad, Lauren. We actually have two Ikeas out here. You can have one as your very own. :)

  3. why didn't you buy a fgklok or a kjuuke?

  4. I was looking for those - I wanted a fgklok for the kitchen and a kjuuke for the guest room, but would you believe they were completely out? I was so disappointed I didn't get the duesidl that I had picked out for the living room.