Sunday, January 28, 2007

First Cold

Mark another one on the calendar... Anna has her first cold. While the day started out calmly enough (she was stuffy but didn't seem to complain too much), she seems to have officially moved on to miserable. I, of course, wish babies could blow their noses; this would make things so much easier. She hates the snot sucker and isn't a big fan of tissues either. Every time we try to make it easier for her to breathe, she starts crying. As you all know, crying produces snot, so the problem is only compounded by her tears.

At least she's not alone in her misery - I'm sick as well. We figure it's only a matter of time before Arron comes down with this. Guess any thoughts of having a few friends over for the Super Bowl are out.

Strangely enough, while we can see that she's miserable, Anna is still quick with a smile.


  1. I admire moms for their ability to use a snot sucker. Right there is the reason they should win the "Best Person In The History Of The World" prize!

    - Lauren

  2. Thanks Lauren! The secret is practice and plenty of it. I've been sucking the snot out of the cats' noses for years.