Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Anna and the cats

We have two cats. Jack is old and grumpy. He gets pills twice a day to keep him from pulling out his fur. Ollie is younger, fat and, well, a little dim-witted. Jack can push open doors to get to where he wants to go. In the same situation, Ollie just sits and looks at the door.

When Anna came home, Jack hid in the basement for two weeks. He has slowly started being around more and more, but we still think he resents us for bringing her home (just wait until Anna starts crawling). Ollie seems unaffected by it all. In fact, he really seems to enjoy all the new stuff around the house. Every time we turn around, he's trying to take over something else of Anna's.

She has a papasan chair. We refer to it as Ollie's Lazy Boy.

After two consecutive sleepless nights, we bought a co-sleeper for Anna. It works like this:

However, many times we find Ollie in it.

Whenever the pack 'n play is set up, he's fascinated by it. A lot of times, we have to boot him out of it, so Anna can use it.

She has a Bumbo chair that she loves to sit in. While Ollie hasn't tried to sit in it (yet) I did catch him getting ready to chew on it one day. Now when she's not sitting it, we have to hide it under a blanket or in the box.

He can't get into her Snugli, but he has spent many hours napping on top of it.

Over the weekend, we discovered him sleeping in her crib. We figure he got up there by climbing up on the rocking chair and jumping from the arm of said chair. How he ever managed to heave his body over the expanse between the chair and the bed is beyond me. Remember, he's a fat cat...

It's going to be a mess if he ever tries to take over her swing...

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