Saturday, December 13, 2008

Beth, you rock!

Blogdom is a funny place - you make friends with people you've never met, or just barely know. (The latter is the most fun, because you know that your new friends are really who they say they are.)

In the past 2 years, I've gotten back in touch with some friends from high school and college thanks to their blogs. One of these people is Beth, who I technically didn't even go to high school or college with as she was 4 years younger than me. But, because of how the LCMS and SPCH works, our families knew each other. Devonna was good friends with Cindy, whose sister Sandra married Beth's oldest brother Brent. Brad, brother number 2, was in my class in both high school and college.

So you'll find a link to Beth's blog listed on the right in this blog. Check it out if you haven't already - her kids are almost as cute as mine. :)

Our greatest surprise came today, as Anna and Zeke were napping, and Arron and I were near napping. The mailman dropped off a package for us - the return address was from the Pester family of Seward! Beth had sent out an outfit and cute, cute shoes for Zeke, and a book for Anna.

The book is a board book by Mo Willems, and Beth feared that Anna may already have it (she does), but Beth had this one autographed by Mo when he was in Seward recently! Anna's other copy isn't signed, so that makes the new copy even better! Thanks so much Beth!

Now when can you come over and paint my house? ;)

Styling clothes for the babe
Yup, it's signed by Mo - you can tell by the pigeon

And because you're probably looking for it, here's the obligatory picture of the kids. Anna likes Zeke's fuzzy hair.

Mmmm, fuzzy goodness


  1. adorable! Zeke looks a little scared of Anna though...

    Beth is a much better friend than me... :(

  2. Beth is a better friend than all of us. Congrats on the cool package!!! Yay for presents!

    (I'll just pray that you can get some good sleep. That's the only kind of present I'm reliable about.)

  3. YAY!! You got the package!! I'm so excited :).

    (And, I'm also glad you had a little post fodder :))


  4. Love the new look, my friend!

  5. Thanks! I've been toying with the idea of switching to wordpress, but unless I invest, I don't have the flexibility that blogger gives me. So I think we're staying put, but will enjoy the facelift. :)

  6. We have a server at home, so it makes sense. I would think if you don't have a server, it's maybe not such an easy decision. (I know I wouldn't pay for it!)

  7. Happy Day after your Baptism, Zeke!!

  8. While it looks like Anna likes Zeke's hair, it also looks like she likes her thumb a lot! Looking forward to seeing the god-cousin in March!