Sunday, March 23, 2008

Thank you Easter Bunny!

Happy Easter!

After church, we did the obligatory family picture.

I love the new remote for my camera

Anna modeled her Easter outfit (as best she could).

Do I have to stand still?

After naps (and everybody took a nap), Anna got her Easter basket and a couch that is just her size. We think she loved the eggs the best.

The clip in her hair was supposed to help the bow stay in place.  It didn't really work

What's over here?

No, we didn't pick this out because she likes Elmo - we liked it much better than Dora the (screaming) Explorer

Later, we changed clothes and she tried her first Peep. She ate the ears just fine (and why shouldn't she, it's pure sugar), but when she got down to the head, things got a little sticky and she decided she had enough. I finished it for her. Mmmm, sugar.

Num num num

Note the proper position of her pinky

Then it was time just to chill and take in the day.

Whew!  I'm beat!


  1. Awesome couch!! Truly the lap of luxury!


  2. excellent peep-eating technique! middle two fingers... good call.