Tuesday, March 18, 2008

La la la!

Cousin Caleb's touring choir came within an hour of our house, so we went to see him; well, it was an hour from home before Chicago rush hour traffic. We got there in the nick of time - the choir was lining up to go in to the church.

The concert was beautiful. It made me a little sad; I don't believe I ever attended a single A Cappella concert while I attended Concordia. But it was good to see Caleb perform with them.

We had a fun time visiting afterwards. Sadly, Caleb couldn't stay with us - it would have been too hard to get him back to Forest Park the next morning in time for his departure (remember the rush hour traffic?). Maybe things will work out better next time.

You got all dressed up for me?


The highlight of the night was definitely during intermission. Someone got up and asked how many alumni from Concordia were in attendance. A majority of us raised our hands. Then we were asked how many were alumni of the A Cappella choir. Many of the hands went down, but Anna's went up! Who knew?


  1. Hey Guys,
    The choir concert was excellent in Minnesota. We got the opportunity to sing with them. It was awesome! If we would have known that Caleb was in the choir we would have said hi.
    Ann - Love the hair and smile. Keep raising those hands and PTL!

    Uncle Matt and Anunt Michelle

  2. Anna is truly a prodigy!