Sunday, March 29, 2009

And now a visit from Connie and Sarah

Two days after Caleb left for more singing on the road, Connie was in town! Connie came up from St. Louis to visit and as usual, she stayed with her BFF Sarah in Chicago. They stopped in to say hello and get a free meal from us (we ordered pizza).

Anna loved playing with Connie's phone.

She was watching us through the camera.Arron didn't score any bonus points with Sarah when he questioned her choice in headwear.

I think he said her hat looked like something a cancer patient would wear.As they were leaving, Sarah was still not happy with the comment and didn't want her picture taken.

'No!  Don't take my picture!'Anna waved good bye for both her and Zeke - he was sleeping in the swing for most of the visit.

Bye-bye Nonnie!

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  1. I want to see new pictures of that little guy...I bet he is getting big these days...Hope you are having a good summer!