Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Whatever could it be?

Hmmm, something from Amazon.com
Whatever could it be?
Wait, is it?  Is it?

Yes, we were out and about last month and realized as we were heading home that kitty was left behind somewhere. While we have 4 of them and generally give Anna a clean kitty daily, there were a couple reasons we were compelled to get a replacement.

First, we felt bad. It was similar to when Tom Hanks lost the volleyball Wilson in the movie "Castaway." Poor kitty was laying abandoned somewhere, seemingly discarded and unloved and we felt horrible (and responsible).

But we also wanted to replace him because we were afraid that whole scheme would come tumbling down like a house of cards. Now that one kitty was gone, we were going to lose a second and a third. That had to be stopped and quick!

The replacement kitty has arrived, and Anna is none the wiser.

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  1. For Susana, it was a blanket with slick edges. She used to suck on it. It was so gross after a long trip once, that we cut off the edges. Ick! I think it's still around somewhere.