Friday, October 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Anna!

For Anna's first birthday, we went to the aquarium! We started the day opening a couple presents from friends, then it was off to our grand adventure.

Oh! A new book!  Thanks Annette and kids!

Wow!  A Learn and Play Puppy!  Thanks Heather!

The aquarium was really neat, and the fish were so cool to look at. Anna loved it.

In the Coral Reef exhibit

A stingray


Some crazy looking fish

After lunch we saw the dolphin show!

Jump dolphins, jump!

Look at the dolphins!

The we saw the dolphins below water and the beluga whale and her calf. The light was really low and we couldn't use a flash (the fish didn't have sunglasses); we could have used Christina's tripod.

A dolphin from below the water

The momma beluga and her baby

Here comes the penquin!

Steve Irwin's nemesis

Once we got home, it was time for cake and presents!

Yay!  Presents!

Hey, this is slimy

Lemme at it!

After playing with some new toys, it was time for bed. Whew! What a big day!

I love my new play house!


  1. I love her "O" face!!! You definately make cute babies.


  2. And take some great photos!!