Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Email from Cory

Today I shot a quick email to Cory, a friend of mine from the bank who is currently working in Morocco for the Peace Corps. My email was basic - a couple questions about life in Morocco and a brief update on the happenings in the area. I also attached a few pictures of Anna for fun. In his reply, he made a comment that got me thinking:

"as far as i can tell, Anna's parents are made up of almost entirely of hands, feet and chins... why do you think that is?"

So I started looking at our pictures of her a little more closely. Here's what I found.

I think he might be on to something...


  1. Perhaps you're only made of chins, but what fine chins they are!


  2. Ha! You're like the grown-ups on "Peanuts" that we never see. Or like the owner lady on "Tom and Jerry". Interesting. Do you see anything when you look in a mirror?